A new reason to hate macs

In numerous occasions, I have made it publically clear that I hate Apple and Macs. I made it publically known to my friends, giving them snarky remarks, or just condescending looks when they prance around with their iPhones and iMacs. I also made it publically known to the whole world, on my Royal HeHe2-ness blog.

However, my brother Obai (or oobi) owns a Macbook Pro, he came back to Jeddah for his wedding, and I ended up using his Mac since my PC (Ubuntu) stopped working for some hardware failure. No biggie, I think I can handle it.

So am browsing, blogging, Digging you know doing my thing. And I wanted to refresh a page and clear it’s cache. In any normal OS, I would simply hit CTRL+F5, and that would do the trick. But NOOOOOOOOOOOO, Apple must have a different way to do it, after all their motto is (was?) “think different”

CTRL+F5 didn’t cut it, nor did Apple+F5, nor did Apple+Ctrl+F5. So I ended up mashing all the these buttons + F5. Shift, Alt, Ctrl, Apple, Tab you name it. Nothing worked. Finally decided to clear the whole browser’s cache from Firefox’s Tools menu. I thought my problems were over, boy was I wrong! One of the combination I hit, enabled a very cool function that I wish every OS had. A robot saying everything I do! Maximize, minimize, widget, new window, a, e, u, semi-colon…..argggggh FUUUUUUUUUCK. Here listen for yourself:


Ya I know its an accessibility function for the visually impaired, but still this is confusing as hell!