Instagram Policy Protest
Instagram Policy Protest

No this is not a mistake. This picture is in protest of Instagram’s recent policy changes. Basically what Instagram (read: Facebook) is saying is that they have the perpetual right to sell your photos without paying you or notifying you. Your kids photos, your birthday photos, and your vacation photos will end up in the LARGEST stock photo repository in the world. Your cute baby picture could end up in a diapers commercial in Brazil that duck face picture that seemed appropriate at the moment could end up on a billboard in Japan. The best part? You won’t even know it!

Its not too late to delete your account and download all your pictures before the January 16 deadline.

Basically you should use to download all your pictures as a zip file. Then delete your account from within instagram. For more info:


I am outa here in two days. Its been a great ride. I really loved this app and the community. All good things come to an end. RIP Instagram.

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