• Mozilla Seabird Phone Concept [VIDEO]

    I want this phone. I want it now! I find the wireless charging functionality is a killer here, its probably technically possible too. The keyboard would also be very cool, a bit gimmicky though. Sadly, we won’t be seeing this anytime soon, from Mozilla at least. From their FAQ: Does... continue reading
  • Linus Torvalds to NVidia: F*CK YOU!

    Linus had a talk at Aalto University recently, and the talk is making the rounds on the Interwebs. Linus talked about the beginning of Linux, and his motivation behind coding it in the first place. He then started taking questions from students; when asked about all the issues Linux users... continue reading
  • iPhone & iPod Management on Linux Just Got Easier

    Its no secret that Apple keeps its products held very closely in attempt to lock users in their own walled-garden. While most people seem more than happy to lock themselves down, most Linux users are disgusted by Apple’s practices but still own an Apple device for some reason or another.... continue reading
  • Songbird Discontinues Linux Support

    Songbird, the popular open source media player has announced that it will halt its support for Linux. Currently the Songbird team is working fervently to meet their next release, NOFX, release date scheduled April 26th. It seems that Songbird’s small team has too much on its plate and came to... continue reading
  • Linuxologist In A New Skin & A Fresh New Outlook

    Hello fellow Linuxologists! I am sure you have noticed that it has been a while since a new blogpost popped up in your RSS/Twitter feed. Don’t worry, we are not dead (yes we, its not just Rami anymore.) Since New Years, we have been working diligently on this new theme... continue reading
  • Dear #Lost Director, Iran Does NOT Equal Iraq

    Well the highly anticipated 6th season of Lost premiered today, and it did not fail to impress. Now I am not the kind of guy that dwells over details in the show, but something caught my attention that really irked me. Around 39:30, Sayid pulls out a passport, and opens... continue reading