• HOWTO: Fix Vagrant Not Recognizing Existing Machine

    I’v been using vagrant as a cornerstone of my development environment for a while now. This morning I booted up my machine, and tried to cd into my working directory only to be greeted with this: bash: cd: projects: No such file or directory After a few seconds contemplating whether... continue reading
  • Cryptography Session At Jeddah Science Society

    Today, I lead a cryptography basics session at Jeddah Science Society. We started with the basics of a Caesar ciphers and built up from there to how stream ciphers work. The topics covered: Caesar ciphers Letter and pair frequency analysis Cryptographic wheel mechanism and demo Demonstrated a true mechanical random... continue reading
  • Heartbleed Aftermath: Changing 163 Password

    Around six month ago, I decided to overhaul my password system, or lack thereof. I basically had two passwords that I used everywhere, both of which were derived from the same pattern. Important sites such as Google or Twitter had a slightly more complicated password. My game plan: every site... continue reading
  • Saudi First Kiss Parody

    In Saudi, it is traditional for some tribesmen to rub their noses. This is considered a very noble thing, and not in any way homosexual. The tradition comes off as weird and awkward to many ‘modern’ Saudis. Uturn (a popular Saudi Youtube channel) decided to parody the original first kiss... continue reading
  • The Myth Of Absolute Safety

    In Saudi Arabia, there is a widespread belief that the country enjoys what someone might describe as ‘absolute safety.’ That the country is a sanctuary with almost non-existent crime rates. I found this interesting graph in Stephen Pinker’s The Better Angels of Our Nature (great book; highly recommended!) Its not... continue reading
  • Instagram Policy Protest

    Instagram Policy Protest No this is not a mistake. This picture is in protest of Instagram’s recent policy changes. Basically what Instagram (read: Facebook) is saying is that they have the perpetual right to sell your photos without paying you or notifying you. Your kids photos, your birthday photos, and... continue reading
  • Geocaching Trip: Ottoman Castle. Khulays, Saudi Arabia.

    Early morning yesterday, my wife, cousin, and I drove up 70 KM north of Jeddah for a geocaching adventure. The cache was hidden in an old Ottoman fortress that was used to protect caravans coming from the north and traveling to Makkah. Perched on a “Harra” or a lava volcanic... continue reading
  • Mozilla Seabird Phone Concept [VIDEO]

    I want this phone. I want it now! I find the wireless charging functionality is a killer here, its probably technically possible too. The keyboard would also be very cool, a bit gimmicky though. Sadly, we won’t be seeing this anytime soon, from Mozilla at least. From their FAQ: Does... continue reading
  • Linus Torvalds to NVidia: F*CK YOU!

    Linus had a talk at Aalto University recently, and the talk is making the rounds on the Interwebs. Linus talked about the beginning of Linux, and his motivation behind coding it in the first place. He then started taking questions from students; when asked about all the issues Linux users... continue reading