Red light, yellow light, green light template on Miro

At thoughtbot we use Miro a lot in our retrospectives, design sprints, planning events, discovery exercises, and generally whenever we want to work on something collectively.

Recently, I was working on a project that required the kind of feedback the Red Light, Yellow Light, Green Light provides. We use this exercise a lot, but usually within full design sprints. We never really did it standalone.

I couldn’t find a template in the Miroverse. So I decided to make one, and then adapt it to my specific need. This helped me take step back and abstract the template a little bit by anticipating what the general design community might want from such a template.

Miro has a quality assurance team that makes sure that all templates submitted meet a standard and very well documented. The template went through a few improvement iterations like improving documentation and adding examples, which ultimately made the template more robust. All in all, the experience was very smooth and I would like to thank the Miro team for their great cooperation.

Today, the template was approved and is live on miroverse.

If you find this template useful, please like it on Miroverse and let us know by tagging @thoughtbot!

This was orignally published on thoughtbot’s blog.