getting on hey email

I am a big fan of dhh and the work he does at Basecamp. Recently he announced a new product that will supposedly make us fall again in love with email. It’ s not launched yet, but one can get an early invite by sharing with them your story with email:

To get on the list, email and tell us how you feel about email. Could be a love story, or a hate story. Could be long, could be short. It’s your story, so it’s up to you. Invites will begin going out June 15th, 2020.

As a teenager living in mid-90’s Saudi Arabia, my attempt was a play on the boy from Nantucket limerick:

There was once a boy from where girls were off limit

Who wished to fly to America on a rocket

But his email helped him find a girl named Jan

Wrote to her as much as he can

And as for the rocket, f*** it