A dusty book

It’s 2020 already. Time sure has passed since I neglected blogging. Almost 6 years!

Around 2010, social media slowly chipped away from my blogging until it became my main outlet of digital expression. My blogging dropped and ceased completely in 2014. At the same time, I started to become more anxious about privacy on many platforms. I quit Instagram in 2013 and completely stopped using Facebook (I deleted it in 2019), I stopped checking in Foursquare, stopped sharing on Path, and became reluctant to jump on every new social media toy. Twitter, however stayed strong. It became my sole digital outlet, which dwindled dramatically around 2016-2017.

This space was my solution. Since 2014 I endeavored to unify all my past blogs and online activity in one place. This includes Foursquare checkins, tweets, Instagram posts, multiple blogs with 100’s of posts, summaries of books I read and a lot more. There was a lot to do. Exporting posts from Wordpress was a mess, generating 100’s of badly & inconsistently formatted posts with malformed meta-data. Many blogs were lost which had to be ‘excavated’ from Way Back Machine. Same goes for images and videos. Inspired by the Indieweb movement, I wanted to bring in all my social media activity here for archival. It was supposed to be perfect. History intact. Archived. And On my own terms.

It was a very tedious and labor-intensive task. Unsurprisingly, I eventually get distracted with some new technology or life and leave this little project to gather dust for a few months (or years!) My commit history bears witness to this sad fact.

My perfectionism got in the way. Poof, just like that a decade has gone. Perfectionism is the enemy of progress indeed. I am almost embarrassed to admit this. A decade! 10 years of limbo because of perfectionism. It’s a disease.

So for 2020, one of my resolutions is to blog at least once a week. This space will never be ‘perfect’. However pumping out fresh content every week will undoubtedly help in motivating me to work more on it. I still need to publish my tweets in the notes section, my Foursquare activity in checkins, and my books summaries in books. Some badly formatted posts still exist that need to be fixed. I also hope to get to a stage where I can syndicate my notes and images to twitter, and develop my own location checkin system.

I digress. The tldr; of the matter is that I will be blogging more often. Mostly about things going on in my life which are:

  • Front-end development, React, CSS, Javascript…etc
  • Crossfit
  • Podcasting
  • Retro video games
  • Vim productivity and tools

Here is to 2020 🎉