It's a new day

Hello fellow Linuxologists! I am sure you have noticed that it has been a while since a new blogpost popped up in your RSS/Twitter feed. Don’t worry, we are not dead (yes we, its not just Rami anymore.) Since New Years, we have been working diligently on this new theme along with our main designer Kumail, who has been so supportive & inspirational, and I would like to take this chance to thank him for everything.

The New Design

We are still not content with the final design, and will continually tweak, add, and remove features, but it has taken such a long time to finalize, that we decided to launch despite it not being final. We would very much like to get your honest feedback of this design and how we can improve it or enhance it. Just keep in mind that we are still continually working on the backend so you might notice some changes here and there. The commenting system will continue to be handled by Disqus, however we are having some trouble with the platform, and contacted Disqus in order to resolve it. The categories are still being fixed, which will be instrumental in our new outlook (see below.) Finally, we will also add some widgets on the sidebar and actively start to look for some sponsors. So if you are interested in sponsoring or know someone who does, please let us know. A Fresh New Outlook

We will basically try to focus on GNU/Linux on the desktop for regular everyday home users. GNU/Linux in the enterprise, while compelling, isn’t our focus here. All the controversy surrounding Microsoft & Novell, or SCO’s shenanigans generally do not concern us.

Also, The Linuxologist will be broken down to categories dedicated to the top five GNU/Linux distros: Ubuntu, Suse, Fedora, Mandriva, and Gentoo. Why these five distros? Well its just a rough estimation that isn’t based on any scientific study really. Looking at distrowatch, and asking on our Facebook fan page, we arrived to this conclusion. That said, this is not set in stone at all, adding more major distros is always a possibility.

Finally, and most importantly, we believe in the power of open source, and not just in software, but in many different fields including this blog! For that reason we decided to liberate this blog a bit: Any person with an Internet connection can blog for The Linuxologist. Go ahead, click on login (top right) and register. You will be taken directly to WordPress admin page with contributor privileges. From there, you can write your own article, howto, post pictures, or embed videos. Whatever submitted will be reviewed by our staff and edited, if required, then published. If the material is lacking, our staff will contact you and work with you to fine-tune your content until its ready for publishing.

We look forward to your comment, feedback, and contribution! Stay free and open my dear Linuxologists!