I love Tweetdeck. Its my main Twitter client on all Desktop (Seesmic on mobile.) The ability to display columns is really a killer feature. Two years ago, I would’ve been more than happy with 3 or 4 lists. But with the huge explosion of Twitter in the past year, content on Twitter also experienced a huge increase. A “Technology” list just doesn’t cut it anymore, today I find myself wanting to create “Open Source/Linux,” “Security,” and “Social Media” lists. The only problem is that any given screen would fit about 4.5 columns. As a result, I would have to scroll horizontally (the worst kind of scrolling) for any lists beyond the 4th list.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have the ability (doesn’t have to be the default) to split the columns into half columns? Something like this:


What do you think? What other solutions could Tweetdeck implement to enhance the column experience? Any thoughts?