I know, I know, why would you want to do that? Well maybe so you can trick your mother into thinking she’s on Windows and save yourself the obligatory bi-yearly tune-up. Or maybe you want to ease your friend into a Linux conversion. Or maybe just because “why not?”

In any case, I firmly believe that most people are afraid of Linux because they just don’t want to get out of their comfort zone. Linux on the desktop is perfectly capable of doing everyday tasks, and it does it more efficiently and securely. I know I have been using Linux exclusively for years.

A young Linux enthusiast that goes by the name PhrankDaChicken has created a script that will fully theme your Ubuntu desktop into an XP one.

Just download the tar.gz file, Right-click it and select “Extract Here”, then run the “InstallXpGnome.sh” by double-clicking it and choosing “Run”!

Wanna revert back? No problem! Just run the Restore_Settings.sh script in the restore folder.

Stay tuned for the reverse Howto: Theming XP to look like Ubuntu. And don’t forget to subscribe and follow me on Twitter!