A lot of G1 users were disappointed when Google’s voice search was first introduced for the iPhone but not the G1. It seemed almost scandalous. While Google’s most recent innovations, Latitude, was promised for the G1, but on my modded RC30 phone all it said was “coming soon”.

Luckily JesusFreke released the new RC33 image including both Google voice search and Google Latitude along with other fixes:


  • Comcast fails to download more than 1 email
 Symptom(s): No error message but it stays on "Load More Messages" without ever pulling another email. 
  • “Messages” Stability Issue
 Symptom(s): When trying to send a message or exit the "Messaging" application you receive a pop up message that reads "Sorry! Activity Messaging (in application Messaging) is not responding. Force Close Wait" 
  • WiFi forcing a logout of IM
Symptom(s): While using the IM clients on the G1 if you turn on or off WiFi the sessions are terminated and you will need to sign back in. 
  • No reminders for calendar items.
Symptom(s): Missing appointments due to the lack of a reminder. 
  • G1 hanging at the G1 Screen
Symptom(s): A small number of G1 devices hanging at the G1 screen during the initial power up

If you already followed my previous guide on how to get multitouch and tethering your phone, then all you need to do is download the RC33 image, rename it to update.zip, place it in your /sdcard directory, and turn your phone off. Then you will need to press home+power and keep pressing home until the image boots. Once prompted press alt+s, this will take time, maybe around 2 minutes. Once its down press back + home. Thats it your done!

If you haven’t used my guide on how to get multitouch and tethering your phone, then please do so, and then update to the RC33 image in this guide.

And if you don’t want to do either, and prefer to wait for the T-Mobile update, then this is what you are missing out on:

For More Information, Visit the xda-developers forum