Check out how I manage all my micro-blogging activities. This works for me thus far, I am sure there are more ways to enhance it, am still exploring.

Currently I have two active Twitter accounts; one for my personal use @bianconeri4ever and the other for my Linux blog @royal_linuxing:

  • I use Tweetdeck for my main account, with columns of all my incoming tweets, replies, and direct links to popular Digg stories using a Twitter bot I made @diggfeeder. Also if you scroll a bit to the right, there is a Twitscoop cloud, and a tweets that I don’t wanna miss from close friends and/or interesting tweeple

  • I use Twhirl for my Linux blog @royal_linuxing. Since my blog is niche, all the people I follow will be Linux fans/lovers, so am always reading their tweets, I don’t really need to filter them, as I do with my main account

  • IM bot on the bottom right. Over there I update my status on multiple different social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Plurk, Tumblr,, Brightkite, and Fickr


Of course I have the luxury of doing this because unlike some unnamed popular Operating System, I have more than one desktop! Browsing, micro-blogging, Chatting/IM, torrenting/multimedia…in that same exact order.