Change we Can Understand

More than a year ago I started this blog, it was a boring night, didn’t really have my mind set into blogging. Just wanted to experiment and try something new, setting up a new blog was my idea of fun. Ya thats how geeky I am.

I ended up choosing an inside joke for my domain name, and the blog’s whole name followed. Blogged about different stuff was never intended to be a Linux blog. 2 month passed, I found some success with Linux articles, so I decided to make it a Linux exclusive blog. That was a wise decision.

A stupid decision was to stubbornly insist on the name of this blog “Royal HeHe2-ness”. What kind of a name is that? I mean it readable in Arabic, understood by a few of my closest friends. But my main audience aren’t Arabs, so why am I insisting on the name?

**Its time for a change, albeit a small one, this blog’s name is herewith changed to “Royal Linuxing” **

With Royal Linuxing, the blog can be verbally recommended to a friend, easily memorized, and most importantly understood. This step is long overdue!

I also created a new Twitter account exclusive for this blog and its issues, make sure to follow it @royal_linuxing. And if you are not already following me on my personal twitter account then please make sure to grab that also @rtaibah.