Its been almost a month since my 2 brothers and I received our G1 phones from ebay, and truth to be told, it really exceeded our expectations. True we have our gripes, which we will detail in a future blog (stay tuned), but our final vote is, that its the best phone we had the pleasure to use.

Truth to be told, the Android app store has a long way to go to rival iTunes, but still there are some really cool apps out there.


First!!! *ooops sorry, that sort of immaturity is exclusive to the Android market. Sorry ;)

Whenever asked what’s so great about the G1, Locale is the first program I mention. I go to work, it automatically detects that and turns it off to silent. Back home, ringer up, Wi-Fi up.


True, this is available on the iPhone, but this isn’t a G1 vs. iPhone blog remember? It’s about cool apps, and Shazam definitely deserves a spot!

3-Shop Savvy

So I walked into this local bookstore, and started to scan away. Lo and behold, $5 books are being sold for $30!


Truth to be told, I haven’t tried this with my brothers, maybe because it does seem a bit gimmicky. But I think I shouldn’t judge a book from its cover ;)


Anycut is a must have for any G1 owner. GET IT!

6-Life Aware

This has potential if it worked on more handests.


A must have, its much better than the out of the box music player bundled with the G1.