I know that this is a Linux blog, and thats what readers have come to expect. But sometimes one encounters stuff that is just too good to pass. So that other day my dad bought a new HP Pavilion desktop, and since I am the geek in residence I ended up setting it up for him. So while I was waiting for Microsoft’s endless configuration and setup screens I decided to dig into the fluffy paraphernalia and promotional material bundled with the Desktop. The first thing that fell into my hand was this Microsoft Vista promotional booklet that had an image of the ideal happy family computing on a laptop. What stood out was that the laptop looked awfully similar to the Macbook Pro! In fact I am 90% sure that its a Mac!

Edit 1: Commenters on this blog, Digg, and Reddit, were quick to point out that Vista runs on Macs, and PS controllers can run on PCs. But that’s hardly the point. The point is as ctrlalteredmind puts it “hinting at the competition’s products is not something you want to do in your own marketing handouts.

Now let’s argue on what constitutes a competitor ;)

Edit 2: The word is in! It’s definitely a Mac! Skemez1 dug up another picture from a European retailer. It’s obviously a Macbook! The trackpad, the ports, and the power button gives it away.

Microsoft Using Apple in Their Ads

Oh and while we are at it, last time I checked Microsoft had a gaming division. So why the hell are they using Playstation joysticks on the last page?

Microsoft Using Playstation in Their Ads