I am sure a lot of Linux and Mac users were a bit disappointed on September the 2nd, they were shut out in favor of their more popular counterparts; Windows users. Google’s browser, Chrome, took the Internet by storm. Everybody was talking about it, Digg got swamped with Chrome submissions, Tech blogs were buzzing about it, theories were thrown left and right. Everybody was in for the action, except for Linux and Mac users! :(

However Jeremy White, the CEO of Codeweavers, decided to take matters into his own hands. So on September 4th he summoned his army to get Chromium (which is the open source project behind Chrome) ported to Linux and Mac ASAP. Long story short, they achieved that in only 11 days! Boy Wine has matured! :)

Anyways enough talk, if you want a piece of the action you just simply need to download Chromium from Codeweaver’s servers:

Google Chrome for Apple Mac OS X:

  1. CrossOver Chromium for Apple Mac OS X

Google Chrome for Linux:

  1. CrossOver Chromium for Ubuntu and Debian (32 bit)
  2. CrossOver Chromium for Ubuntu and Debian (64 bit)
  3. CrossOver Chromium for Red Hat, Mandriva, and Suse
  4. CrossOver Chromium for all other Linux distros.

Chrome on Ubuntu through Wine

Warning: Chromium should not be used as a main browser, it is not stable enough. From Codeweaver’s Faqs:

Q. Should I run CrossOver Chromium as my main browser?

A. Absolutely not! This is just a proof of concept, for fun, and to showcase what Wine can do. Chromium itself is just beginning. As the Chromium project progresses, they will be providing more compelling support for Mac OS and Linux, particularly with process security and memory management. Those future versions from Chromium will be better suited for daily use than this version.