Sausagenmuff has created a jaw-dropping Linux desktop featuring a cube, saltwater and fish. Now all of us have seen cool Compiz screenshots/screencasts, but this one takes the cake. He even called his desktop “Atlantis”, how fitting. Sausagenmuff describes how made this Desktop with 7 simple steps:

  1. Install Linux (obviously)
  2. Install Compiz
  3. Enable the cube, wobbly windows, and whatever eyecandy you would like
  4. Set both cube opacities to 25
  5. Set Skydome and turn off “animate”. Get the skydomes from here
  6. Install the fish plugin (extract to your home dir, go into that directory inside a terminal, type “make” then “sudo make install”)

Voila! This is the result of your wizardry:

Update (27/8/2015): The original video is unforunately no longer on Youtube. This is a similar video though.