Linux Distros Anime

If the wine you drink, car you drive, food you eat, clothes you wear and even pets you have defines you as a person; does your choice of Linux Distro defines you too?

If you use Ubuntu… You like to follow the crowd and do whatever everyone else does. No individualism.

If you use Debian… You are a giver. You let the crowd followers be more popular with your ideas.

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I personally started off on the Dark Side :(. Became a follower for a while, then a perfectionist for 6 month, and now a follower. Though I want to become a perfectionist again!

Oh and btw if you don’t know what the hell is a distro, then maybe you should check out my Etymology of A Distro Post :)

Anime image is licensed by Creative Commons BY-NC 3.0

Original Artwork by Juzo Kun, modified by me.