Linux Olympics

I have given this post a lot of thought, as I have been keeping this blog strictly a Linux and Open Source blog. But I must confess, I have been bitten by the Olympics bug, which is kind of distracting me from this blog. Beijing has literally flipped my life upside down. Events start around 5 AM in my local time, so I have been sleeping around 9 PM in order to wake up at 5! If I don’t do this I will miss the whole thing, as I have a 9-6 workday.

While I am at work missing the games, I decided to ensure that I don’t miss a heartbeat of the games! In year 2008 there are a 100’s of websites providing news, live commentary, and analysis, but I have decided to take it a step forward. I subscribed to over 60 personal blogs of athletes competing right now in China! It really does give you a totally new perspective of the games. Reading the thoughts, fears, and ambitions of athletes, gives the games a totally new dimension. Watching one of these champions compete after reading their blog gives you a surreal feeling of rapport!

Athletes like David Oliver, Jackie Edwards, The Lopez Family, Dave Durante, Lindsay Tarpley, and much more!

Anyways enough about me rambling, here I compiled an OPML file so you can export it into your reader and instantly read these blogs! I also have tagged each blog by the sport the owner is competing in and “Beijing 2008″.

  • Download the 60 Beijing Olympic Athlete’s Blogs OPML File.This is a regular .xml file, you can go ahead and click it just in case you are a security freak. Oh and interest in openness this file includes one feed that doesn’t belong to an athlete, it includes this blog’s feed.

  • All you need to is right click on the above link and “Save As”. It’s only an 18kb file save it on your desktop, and then import it from your reader. If you are using Google reader, click on “Manage Subscription” On the bottom left, and then go to “Import/Export”.

After the games are over, and if you want to opt out these blogs, all you need to do is search for the tag “Beijing 2008″ and unsubsrcibe!

Oh and by the way, if you want to watch the games at work you can also do that, just follow this Watch the 2008 Beijing Olympics for Free Online guide.

Now I have to go, 200 Freestyle Women Semi-final is about to start!