Since this is a *Linux advocacy* blog, it’s only normal for me to share with you guys my favorite list of *Linux* commercials. I love these because of the deep messages and meanings behind each of them:

1-Float Like A Butterfly

Muhammed Ali and Linux have many things in common, his quick fists and swift feet are akin to Linux’s flexibility and speed. Ali is the greatest boxer in history, and to me, Linux is the greatest OS! Indeed Ali claimed he is the greatest boxer, and he is probably right about Linux also. Watch the great legend promote openness:

2-Novell Knows Spoofing

I know I know, we all grew bored of these “I am a Mac I am a PC” commercials, but you gotta admit they are quite clever. Here are two from Novell

3-Then Linux Wins

A strong message, and true in every sense.

4-IBM: The New Allie

5-The Boy Has Been Adopted