Mahmoud Taibah with King Abdullah

As the clock ticks and tocks, and the sleepless minutes and hours go by, a torrent of flashbacks run through my head. Memories of a great man I always looked up to, seem to be burnt onto my eyelids. A man that I have rarely seen in his kindness and tenderness. A man that never seemed lost in today’s moving ethical goalposts, steadfast he was. He used to be with us yesterday, not so today.

While I know this is not what my readers expect from this blog, but I find this blog as a place to vent and mourn my loss. The loss of my beloved grandfather!

around 18 years ago, my grandfather heard a heartbreaking story of girl who survived a fatal car accident while she was in her mother’s womb. She lost her mother and father, and was permanently paralyzed from the neck down. Hearing this, my grandfather decided to adopt this girl and raise her just like his daughter, providing her the best medical care and education. She lives among us today as a part of the family.

May god bless your soul Mahmoud Taibah!