For 8 month now, I have been blogging about Linux and Open Source. It has been a great journey so far, full of highs and lows, diggs, burries, and stumbles. But yesterday, a milestone has been achieved, something that I am really proud of, something that tells me that I must be doing something right! But before I announce it, let me just take you through my most succesful blogs:

1- Howto Convert a Friend to Linux (my first break)

2- 10 Slick Linux Desktops, and How to Make Them

3- Etymology of a Distro

4- The 7 Habbits of Highly Effective Linux Users

5- Ubuntu Hardy Heron: A First Look

6- 3 Reasons Why Your System Might Be Slow (courtesy of Numerodix

7- OpenOffice 3.0: What to Expect

These are really good reads, and trust me it’s not just because I wrote them.

Now for the good stuff! A couple of days ago, a major San Francisco PR firm, that boasts a client portfolio including Sourceforge, Stanford University Law School, and The Linux Foundation, contacted me. I have reviewed a gadget from one of their clients before, and were interested in future cooperation. They also offered me a press release of a soon to be announced gadget from one of their clients! Initially I was really excited and wanted to review this product, but voted against that later on since the gadget is a bit too advanced for this blog’s scope. However we touched base and agreed to collaborate in the future on new and exciting Open Source projects! So expect some breaking news from Royal HeHe2-ness!