For some reason beyond me, Linux is almost synonymous with “anti-sex”. I still don’t fully understand from where this notion came from. While I admit that there are some rotten apples out there:

Linux Sex Motivational Poster

But these people are just giving us a bad name! I mean I am sure anybody could find a dorky doctor, or a nerdy lawyer! Yet these men with these professions are in high demand. You don’t see anybody using sweeping statements on a whole profession just because they met a dorky doctor.

Women need to understand that geek is good! And Linux is the sexy! Want proof? Here you go:

Sexy Paris Hilton Loves Linux

Paris Hilton seems to adore us

eee pc sexy chick

Sexy beach models find our gear fun

Sexy Chick Body Painted With a Linux Theme

Some chicks even body paint us!

Us Linux geeks thrive on documentation, and we even documented our own kama sutra!

Linux Sex Positions Kama Sutra

We also have all the right moves, we know what to say, when to say it, and how to say it!

Linux Geeks Demand Linux on Xbox

Now after all this proof, ladies, do you still have doubt in your minds (or hearts) that we are the perfect match. You keep searching for the “one”, whilst this “one” is probably just waiting at your “./” all along!