In May’s issue of Linux Journal, their segment “LJ Index” featured some tidbits or trends about which countries are actually Googling “Linux.” It is always interesting where Linux is gaining public interest, which countries are falling behind. (Source: Google Trends)

  • Russia claimed the top spot
  • India came in second
  • Number of Asian countries in the top ten: 3
  • Number of European countries in the top ten: 7
  • Number of North American countries in the top ten:
  • Position of Russian among all languages: 1

Russia ranked first; while India came in second

I then decided to play around with Google trends on my own, here are some interesting results:

Recently, the two terms “Ubuntu” and “Linux” became almost at par:

Linux Vs. Ubuntu

Norway leads in searching “Ubuntu”:

Norway searches Ubuntu the most!

Over the years “Microsoft” and “Linux” are almost at par; with a slight edge for Microsoft since 2005:

Microsoft and Linux are almost at par

Ubuntu is trailing behind Mac and Vista:

Mac vs. Ubuntu vs. Vista

What other interesting finds could you find? Share them with me! :)