In a recent blog post of mine, Etymology of A Distro, I mentioned that I convinced a friend to name her cat “Gentoo”. And since we all know that the Internet is basically built on tubes and cat pictures, I decided to treat it as a dump truck and load all the Gentoo The Cat pictures! Watch out, your “internets” will get delayed by a few more seconds.

Oh while we’re at it, these pictures will be sooner or later be featured in a LOLcats design somewhere, so please do share them with me :)

Gentoo The Cat Basking in the sun

Oh Noes! Sullaya my dear you got it all wrong, the collar should be purple, Gentoo style!!

Gentoo The Cat

Gentoo The Cat

Gentoo in a T-shirt. Cute!

Gentoo The Cat in a tshirt!!

Last but not least, Gentoo as usual pissing on a Windows machine. He developed a hobby, good for him :)

Gentoo The Cat pissing all over a Windows Machine. W00T!!