Despite all it’s faults and slip-ups, I absolutely love Digg. It has provided me great content, some inspiring, some funny, and others downright outrageous! But as any one would tell you, any social network is only as good as it’s users, and Digg doesn’t seem to be lacking on those. However, any great digger had a beginning, and most probably not a great one either.

I traced back the beginnings of the top 10 digg users according to Chris Finke’s list (not sure how authentic it is, but hey at least I am on his 1000 list :P) What were their first bases (submissions)? How about their first home runs (first page)? Ladies and gentlemen, strap your seatbelts, upon reaching 88 mph we are gonna generate 1.21 gigawatts and go back to the future, errrm I mean past…we are gonna find out:

MrBabyMan Digg Avatar


MrBabyMan joined Digg in December 2005, he is on the top of the food chain right now, everything he touches is gold.

First Base: Replica of ‘Blade Runner’ unicorn up for auction on eBay, a very premature death! only 3 diggs!

Home Run: Fatal1ty loses challenge at CES, success finally! 1975 diggs :)

Msaleem Digg Avatar


Msaleem the social media maven joined Digg in September 2005.

First Base: Swiss hospitals to allow suicide. Not a very successful submission, 14 diggs only.

Home Run: How Google woos the best and brightest. Only the 5th submission, and he hit gold! 971 diggs.

Zaibatsu Digg Avatar


Zaibatsu, the Ted Williams of Digg! Joined December 2004.

First Base and Home Run: So just how good is you memory?

He scored a Home Run on his first date! Now I know Reg is a playa ;), it garnered only 72 diggs.

supernova17 Digg Avatar


supernova17 joined Digg in February 2005.

First Base: Microsoft to release Internet Explorer 7.0 this summer. Only 14 diggs!

Home Run: 4th submission; Free 128mb flash drive from Insight with 104 diggs.

digitalgopher Digg Avatar


digitalgopher joined Digg in October 2005.

First Base: Three million Xbox 360s in three months. Again 14 Diggs only.

Home Run: another Xbox submission; Best Buy’s response to Xbox 360 bundling complaints 1645 diggs.

cliffosakajapan Digg Avatar


CLIFFosakaJAPAN joined Digg in Octoer 2005.

First Base: 26 yr old Web Surfer wins Japanese Gov’t Post by LUCK; Brags about Perks!!! 9 Diggs.

Home Run: Apple: ITunes Video Sales Top 1 Million in the first 20 days!! 934 diggs.

mklopez Digg Avatar


mklopez joined Digg in July 2005.

** First Base:** Star Wars ROTS is number 7 on all time gross list: $377 million. Link is missing 4 diggs.

Home Run: The longest concert in history is on right now. It will last 639 years. 326 diggs.

p9s50W5k4GUD2c6 Digg Avatar


p9s50W5k4GUD2c6 joined digg in February 2006. How the hell does he log in? I hope his password isn’t as complicated :P

First Base: The Da Vinci Secret. 20 diggs.

Home Run: 3rd submission; Viruses: The New Battery Of The Future. 675 diggs.

skored Digg Avatar


skored joined Digg in February 2006.

**First Base: Can 800 Diggers Possibly be Wrong? A measly 5 diggs.

Home Run: ‘Santa Claus does not exist’ school tells stunned kids. 873 diggs

aaaz Digg Avatar


aaaz joined Digg June 2006.

First Base: The Urban Etiquette Handbook. 10 diggs.

Home Run: Breaking News: Tony Blair to announce resignation on monday over IRAQ. 363 diggs.

There you have it! The first baby steps of the top 10 contributer in the social news darling, Digg. Now as a special thank you to these guys who provided us great content over the years, let’s try to get all of their first submissions popular! Let’s see how the algo will hold with the avalanche of diggs! FTW!