Around 2 weeks ago, I blogged about how cool Amarok is and it’s scripts in “Pimp your Amarok: 13 Scripts You Should Know About”. Script 5 is particularly interesting, here take a look:

5-Amarok Blacklist

Who doesn’t have a parody here or a retro gaming techno remix there? But you don’t really want them to start playing when your trying to score with the hottie you brought to your bachelor pad! (Yeah right like thats gonna happen you Linux geek :P). Anyways you can use Amarok Blacklist if the case arises.

So far so good right? So what’s so interesting? Well a couple of days ago I woke up finding an SMS from my brother saying “xkcd is stealing ideas from you! Lol, check it out ;)”. xkcd stealing from me? Like any hot-blooded geek I jumped from under the covers and straight to my PC, the monitors glare almost blinding me, squinting my eyes trying make anything out of screen. xkcd has just published a new comic:

xkcd important life lessons

Holly shmolly!! My brother is right! They did steal from me! Well not really steal, but I sure did inspire them! Or at least I would like to believe so:).