Amarok is a very intuitive and user friendly music player, it makes playing music on your PC even more fun. It has tons of options that would put any other player to shame. Right out of the box it can fetch lyrics, album covers from Amazon, and artist bios from Wikipedia!

Anyhow these features are merely the tip of the iceberg. Amarok supports user scripts. Think of them as Firefox plugins. You got an idea to make your music player function better? Code it! Or perhaps somebody out there has already thought of it and did the job for you. Here are 13 scripts that others have thankfully provided us:

1- Autotorrent

Autotorrent adds a “Download this album” menu item that when clicked, searches and for the album and starts your Bittorrent client to download it.

2- Blueamarok

BlueamaroK controls basic functions of the Amarok player with a SonyEriccson mobile telephone through a bluetooth connection. Just reading the description of this plugin is dizzying, it seems so 1337! I haven’t used this since I don’t have Bluetooth on my PC, but it’s so damn interesting. MobileremoteSE seems to do the same thing.

3- awn-amarok-minsec

If you are using Avant Windows Navigator, this awn-amarok-minsec will display the album cover of the current song instead of the default Amarok icon. If we have any gripes about this plugin then it’s peculiar nomenclature.

4- autoEqualizer

autoEqualizer is an automatic equalizer which loads equalizer presets based on what genre of songs you are listening to. So you can preset hip-hop to have high bass and instrumental with lower bass…etc (not really an audiophile, but you get my gist)

5- Amarok Blacklist

Who doesn’t have a parody here or a retro gaming techno remix there? But you don’t really want them to start playing when your trying to score with the hottie you brought to your bachelor pad! (Yeah right like thats gonna happen you Linux geek :P). Anyways you can use Amarok Blacklist if the case arises.

6- CopyCover

CopyCover copies the fetched album art from Amazon to the directory of the song. So you can have it safe and sound on your PC :).

7- Desktop

DesktopDesktop embeds the current song’s album art onto your Desktop. If you got it, flaunt it!

8- mp3urlnotify

mp3urlnotify will send a url to your site with each track change in amaroK. You can update your blog, etc. with the current playing song in your playlist.

9- RecordRadio

As the name implies RecordRadio rips Internet radio streams and saves them on your hard disk. Now torrenting isn’t the only source of music !;)

10- Amarok Shouter

Be your own DJ! Amarok Shouter enables you to stream music to your friends!

11- Weekalarm

With Weekalarm you can have your own radio clock with your own music! It supports increasing volume and snooze (how did we live before snooze?)

12- Amaroktube

Just like the name says, Amaroktube opens a browser tab for you and directly searches for any given song on youtube. Could you do that manually? Well I am sure you can, but this makes it so much easier.

13- Moodbars

Well not exactly a script, but it’s also cool to have. Moodbar shows you the “mood” of any song displaying it in three different color schemes; Happy Like a Rainbow, Angry as Hell, and Frozen in the Artic.