While going about my business trying to find more slick Linux desktops, I decided to check out the Compiz website. So normally I navigated to the screenshot section. I was left unsatisfied with a handful of low-res pictures. But I noticed a discussion link; so I thought “alright let’s check that out maybe other people posted their stuff”

To my surprise the “discussion” was nothing more than spam links! Everything from “commercial realtors in Tallahassee” to “South Park hentai”!!

Check out the screenshot (click to enlarge):

Compiz Website Hacked?

Update: Apparently the guys at Compiz were alerted (not sure if it was this blog entry though) and removed the links. But still there is a two line mumbo jumbo going on down there.

Update 2: Well, obviously I was totally oblivious to the fact that this is a wiki and got hijacked by a spammer. (thanks Chris Buckley)