Thanks to Apple, fitting gadgets into all kinds of envelopes has become some kind of a fad. Only on the Internet where one can shift focus from high-end expensive gadgets to a flat paper container!!

In case you have been living under a rock in the past couple of month, here is the video I am talking about:

And the followers:

Nintendo DS

Not as elegant as the original ad, but hey Nintendo is a cool brand also!!

Update: Original video was taken down due to a copyright claim by Warner Music Group. Original link

Sony Vaio

Sleek, trendy, has ethernet, DVD drive, and multiple USB ports. And of course the most important: Fits in an envelope!

Eee PC

This would probably fit in an envelope smaller than a Manila one.

iPod Nano

Well I guess this is an obvious one !:D. It could also fit in your pocket! Surprise Surprise!!

Nintendo Wii

Next gen’s thinnest console! Ya baby!!

CRT Monitor

Some even tried fitting seemingly impossible items into envelopes. Over here Sam tries to fit a CRT monitor. Was he successful? Not sure about that.

Update: Original video is no longer working. Original link

Macbook Rock

Last and definitely least; costs less than $3000 and you can peg it at people!