Last month I reported that the Asus eee pc 8G is available atNewegg and that I already placed an order. Well it turns out the Newegg sucks!! They cancelled my order because apparently they don’t accept international American Express cards! Now I would’ve understood if the shipment was international, but it wasn’t! It was supposed to be shipped to NY, to a legal address registered under my credit card! This is 2008 Newegg!

One of the reasons that I opted for Newegg was because I wanted the 8G model which comes equipped with 1 GB of RAM and an 8GB SSD hard drive, and that model was (and still) scarce. Now there is nothing wrong with the 4G model which is already available at Amazon, but the fact that it has only 512MB of RAM was kind of a turn off. However I stumbled on to this video just now which just might change my mind!