1- Because it comes for “free” with your laptop and you might as well use it. Just like that Britney Spears single that was bundled with your CD player.

2- Money is no object to you. No problem just fork out $500, for 10% of the features you actually need. After all you can’t put a label on “quality.”

3- Installing a new program is no challenge for someone like you. It merely requires enough determination to stick with it. After Next Next Next the Finish will eventually come. And hey you got a load of other “freebies” too!

4- You blindly trust corporate America, if Microsoft thinks an update is good for you then they must be right, after all they created the damn thing.

5- You are a conformist. Your idea of a perfect desktop is just like the next guy. Your taskbar should be blue and at the bottom, just like everybody else.

6- There is no problem you can’t fix. A weekly reinstall keeps everything snappy.

7- You are the ultimate born tweaker. Once you even changed the “start” on the Start menu to your name!

8- You are a “perfectionist,” an OS should take at least 7 years to develop.

9- You are a daredevil! You strive on fighting and warding off viruses.

10- You are fond of the color blue! After any new hardware installation or system tweak, you appreciate being greeted with blue screens.

Windows BSOD

Thanks to numerodix for helping me compiling this list.