A couple of weeks ago Mobily, a major mobile carrier in Saudi Arabia (one of two), published this ad in a couple of newspapers. The ad was about their new wireless high-speed Internet service. A huge ass stack of CD’s, DVD’s and books visual and a copy above the stack said “Download it all, don’t worry about the size.”

Up to now, there is nothing weird about this (besides the blatant false marketing, since the service is not a dedicated service and depends on how many are using the service in your area.) Looking closer to that stack, you can see cheesy dummy names of the material. However, three DVD’s stood out. Namely, The Godfather, Star Wars, and LOTR! Now I have no moral qualms with downloading movies, I am a proud pirate. But I highly doubt that Mobily really understood repercussions of this ad. Check it out below.

Mobily promoting piracy